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It happens every summer, the mercury starts rising and customers start getting hot!

They start looking for a new mattress that will keep them cool throughout the night.

But are cool mattresses just a gimmick? Or can they really help regulate body temperature and provide a better night’s rest?

To answer this we must first look at the technologies used to create a cool or cooling mattress. 

While cheap overseas manufacturers focus more on “cool” sounding names and blue dye, Maxim Mattress sources only proven technologies that will give customers the luxury experience they have come to expect from us.

It’s important our dealers understand how these technologies work so they can help their customers find the best fit for them. 

Additionally we want to make sure we don’t over promise on the cooling capabilities. Honesty is the best policy.

Our best selling cooling mattresses feature Cool ArcticBreeze fabric. Our showroom dealers have incredible success with these models because it’s literally something you have to feel to believe. 

ArcticBreeze is fabric that is noticeably cooler to the touch when compared to traditional mattress fabrics. Customers are able to identify ArcticBreeze mattresses with their eyes closed because of the cool sensation they feel immediately.

Maxim Mattress ArcticBreeze Cooling Fabric. World's Coolest Mattress.

The cooling sensation from ArcticBreeze fabric is made even cooler by the fabric’s ability to wick away moisture creating the perfect cooling combination.

The most popular and economical cooling option is our PermaCold Gel. This specially designed blend is made with plush comfort and modest cooling properties in mind. Our PermaCold Gel is better at dissipating heat and staying cool when compared to our SmartFoam and Natural Latex Options.

Maxim Mattress PermaCold Gel Quilted Mattress Material Extra Cool

These cooling properties are enhanced when combined with our hand-quilting techniques. Our skilled quilters blend the PermaCold gel with ArcticBreeze fabric artfully to create comfortable peaks and valleys in the gel. These peaks and valleys provide pockets and channels for air to flow through.

This keeps customers well ventilated and cooler throughout the night.

Our hand-quilting alone is our most affordable cooling option. While not close to the superior cooling abilities of the ArcticBreeze and PermaCold Gel Models, all of our hand-quilted mattresses have varying degrees of heat dissipation. 

By creating peaks and valleys in the foams we allow air to flow under and around the body. 

This movement of air naturally helps cool customers throughout the night.

Interested in offering these advanced cooling feature in your mattress line up? Drop us a line using our dealer page.