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Maxim Mattress uses only CertiPur-US foams when handcrafting our luxury mattresses. It’s all about quality and craftsmanship leading to the best sleep experience for our customers. 

In order to understand why Maxim Mattress uses CeriPur-US foams it’s important to know what CertiPur-US foam is. 

The foams used to create a mattress are made through a highly scientific process involving chemical reactions. Creating the right balance of comfort and support from raw materials is not exactly rocket science but it’s close. This process needs careful attention and quality ingredients to create a safe and healthy foam for human use. 

Many mattress manufacturers cut costs by using the cheapest available foams. Oftentimes these foams contain potentially unsafe chemicals and additives. This might make a competitors mattress cheaper but it potentially leads to health concerns for their customers.

Dangerous Chemicals in Cheap Mattresses: Formaldehyde, PBDEs and more.

Who would want to sleep on a bed with formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is a common additive in cheap foams. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. These discount mattresses from China can contain foams that include even more dangerous chemicals and compounds like: mercury, lead, Ozone Depleters, and phthalates.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers are another common compound in non-certified foams. What are polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs for short? They are flame retardants meant to help protect the mattress and ultimately the sleeper from a fire. This is good but those chemicals are bad! They have been found to potentially cause cancer in humans.

Maxim Mattresses and the CertiPur-US Foams we use inside are flame retardant without these potential carcinogens. Helping you sleep safely and comfortably.

Coupled with our luxury and locally sourced fabrics like organic cotton, natural bamboo, and our new Arctic Breeze 2.0 fabric that feels noticeably cooler to the touch, your customers will receive an exquisite sleep experience.

Interested in carrying luxury mattresses that use CertiPur-US foams? Drop us a line and one of our account executives will reach out to you. The Maxim Mattress brand is growing and your customers will keep coming back for the ultimate sleep experience.