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SmartQuilt is a premium feature offered in select Maxim Mattress Collections. To understand how it’s better than standard quilts we need to understand how the quilt layer works.

The Quilt Layer is the final layer on top of a mattress. It’s what consumers will touch and feel when they try out a mattress in the store. This layer is sometimes referred to as a pillow top. Most mattress manufactures use similar soft and good looking fabrics, and they tend to use the same polyester fill underneath.

Maxim Mattress and our SmartQuilt technology reinvents this comfort layer by using only premium locally sourced fabrics and fusing them together with our luxury foams & gels via a highly precise quilting process.

Instead of quilting onto polyester like most companies; our skilled craftsmen seamlessly combine the SmartQuilt layer to the upper layers of foam using a non-toxic water based adhesive. This creates a uniform and stable top layer that keeps the mattress feeling great for years.

What’s Wrong with Polyester Quilts?

It’s easy to be fooled into offering your customers a polyester quilted mattress. The prices are usually lower and they look great, at first.  In fact there is nothing specifically “wrong” with a polyester quilt on a mattress. Simply put, our SmartQuilt technology is just better.

The key here is that they only look great at first. Polyester Quilting just simply doesn’t hold up. You can’t blame it. Polyester fill is great at keeping things warm and sometimes works well in pillows that can be fluffed routinely.

Polyester Quilting just simply doesn’t hold up.

In a mattress however it quickly starts to clump and dent, leaving your customer with a lumpy and ugly mattress just a few months into their purchase. This usually results in headaches for your store later on.

Why is SmartQuilt Better?

  • SmartQuilt equipped mattresses are more comfortable.
  • SmartQuilt equipped mattresses have a “bonus” layer of foam (quilted in)
  • SmartQuilt equipped mattresses are more durable.
  • SmartQuilt equipped mattresses are considered more premium and can help you increase your bottom line.
  • SmartQuilt equipped mattresses have a lower return rate helping cost down on costly returns.
  • SmartQuilt equipped mattresses have a higher satisfaction rate, making positive reviews easier to obtain.

By offering mattresses with SmartQuilt Technology you’re offering the choice of a better, more comfortable, and longer lasting sleep experience.

That’s just to start, depending on the lineup our SmartQuilt technology takes the sleep experience to another level. Combining advanced fabrics like our ArcticBreeze 2.0 with PermaFrost Gel leads to one of the coolest sleep experiences on the market!

Sell More “Natural” beds in your area? SmartQuilt shines when we quilt together our Organic Cotton fabric with lush natural latex foam. 

Ready to offer your customers a more luxurious sleeping experience? Get in touch. Become a Dealer.