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Regional luxury mattress manufacturer Maxim Mattress has launched an Augmented Reality (AR) Showroom for dealers. Maxim Mattress is using cutting edge technology to showcase the expert craftsmanship of their luxury mattresses. This debut is part of a statewide dealer marketing revamp that aims to bring marketing tools and material provided by larger manufacturers to Maxim Mattress’ independent dealer network.

The AR Showroom uses Apple Inc.’s AR Kit to allow dealers to preview new mattress models in their store. The AR Showroom shows dealers exactly how a new mattress model will look in their showroom.

Sales Staff are also able to “open up” the mattress to educate dealers on what’s inside the mattress. “Seeing is Believing, we can tell dealers our product is luxurious and high quality, but being able to show them what’s inside the mattress while we’re in the store is a game changer”- Mario Burman, Account Executive.

Particularly useful for smaller independent furniture & mattress stores with limited space, the AR Showroom is part of a renewed focus on independent furniture & mattress stores by Maxim Mattress. A key sales channel for the company and one that management is fully committed to supporting.

“Our industry is changing at a breakneck pace, we want to give our independent furniture & mattress dealers 21st century tools and training that will allow them to keep up with the big guys. This is just the start and we plan on having even more tools available to our dealers soon” Sebastian Saucedo, Marketing Director.

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