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Why you should buy a Mattress Made in the USA.

Since we first launched over 30 years ago Maxim Mattress has focused on creating luxury handcrafted mattresses in the USA.

Sure outsourcing production to China, Mexico, or other low cost countries could improve our margins exponentially but we decided to focus on creating luxury mattresses that exceed typical expectations.

After much research in some of the best factories outside of America we still couldn’t find a supplier that could meet or exceed the high standards we have for our luxury mattresses. So we decided to keep production here in America.

This decision has proved pivotal to our business. Especially now during these crazy times with trade wars, pandemics, you name it, our commitment to American Manufacturing has helped us create a unique line of mattresses made in USA for the world. We quickly realized how much trust and respect products made in America get. Not only here at home but all over the world Mattress Made in the USA are in demand.

The main reason is people want a product they can trust. Beds are crucial to every single person’s well being. If you have a bad bed you have bad sleep and bad sleep means a bad life. We fix that problem for people by giving them luxurious sleep experiences with high quality mattresses. 

People typically assume that a high quality mattress Made in the USA will come with a premium, and they’re correct. It costs us more to make make our mattresses here in the USA but that cost is secondary to our goal which is to provide our customer with luxury sleeping experiences they can trust. Our products meet strict US manufacturing standards. That’s why there’s never a cheap plastic smell typical of imported mattresses. Some customers have shared their experiences with imported mattresses and let’s just say that a bad smell should be the least of your worries. As we know some of the countries of origin for these imported mattresses don’t exactly have the best track record for safety.

When it comes down to it, we make our mattresses in America because we want to make sure we can control the manufacturing process from start to finish. This is the only way we’re able to standby our product and ensure our customers receive the highest quality luxury mattresses.