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Another Level of Comfort


Maxim Mattress takes luxury to another level with SmartQuilt. A hand quilted layer of SmartFoam HD, PermaCold Cooling Gel, or Natural Latex. This resilient combination of technique and material creates a longer lasting luxury experience.

Luxury means going the extra mile for your customers. A SmartQuilt layer is an additional layer of comfort.
Resilient Pressure Relief. Our SmartQuilt layer helps relieve pressure on common pressure points by distributing weight over the entire surface of the mattress.
Hand Quilting helps the fabric and the material inside breath. As weight shifts around the mattress small pockets of air within the fabric are squeezed and help move air around.


SmartQuilt enables the mattress to absorb and disperse pressure better and more efficiently.* The resiliency added by the hand quilting technique ensures the top layer stays more comfortable longer.


Competitors typically use¬†Polyester Quilt toppers. Why? Because it’s cheaper and easier. ¬†The polyester fibers are no different than the fibers in a shirt. They will lose loft and form pits easily resulting in a less than optimal sleep.

Steel Reinforced Peace of Mind

Steel Bound

Steel Bound is just one of the luxury features built into Maxim Mattresses. Hidden away inside the mattress is a steel reinforced bar that keeps the Pocket Coils & OrthoCoils bound together securely.

Why wrap our

pocket coils in Steel?

Best Option

Wrapping our Pocket Coils or OrthoCoils in Steel is the best option for customers. Providing strong but flexible support.


While we only use 100% new material when constructing a mattress. The Steel we use for Steel Bound mattresses is recyclable.


Everyone knows about the strength of steel. Used in everything from medical instruments to buildings. This strength gives Steel Bound mattresses extra durability.