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Maxim made in usa

It seems that nowadays Mattress Companies are popping up everywhere! They have witty names, cool features, and catchy ads. 

It’s easy to explain why there is so much growth in the mattress industry. The large internet based mattress firms likes Casper and Purple have shown that selling mattresses online can not only be profitable but it can be a lucrative business. If you have an amazing marketing idea for a mattress then you set up a cool website and start making money, but where do you get the mattresses from?

A common problem with new mattress startups is that they purchase mattresses off-shore from countries like China, Vietnam, and Mexico. All of those countries are amazing places known for their rich histories and cultures. They’re not known for their high quality products, labor protections, and environmental protections. 

Customers typically complain about the smell from these imported mattresses. Looking through amazon reviews, google reviews, and more you’ll see similar complaints for smell, and lack of craftsmanship.

Picking a US Based Mattress Manufacturer like Maxim Mattress is crucial to the success of your brand. Our 40 Year reputation for high quality luxury mattresses and dedication to craftsmanship has given us a unique name in the industry.

Another benefit of picking a US Based Mattress Manufacturer like Maxim Mattress, is the proximity to you. No need to fly to China to review samples or make changes. We’re conveniently located in the heart of LA County. A short drive from Downtown LA, and a quick uber from LAX.

Maxim Mattress has product lineups for every price point. Easily customize our existing designs, or go fully custom with a design and build unique to you, the only thing that will stay the same is our commitment to quality. 

Ready to launch your mattress business or give your current furniture business a luxurious boost? Give us a call!