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All Mattresses are made with Certified Materials



Memory Foam

Memory Foam is high density foam that supports body weight while conforming to your body. By contouring your sleep position, Memory Foam can relieve pressure points to prevent toss and turning during sleep, allowing for more comfort and restful sleeping.

Premium Foams

Premium Foams are durable and sustainable foams that provide cushion and comfort in the mattress. Each foam combination is used to create a variety of comfort levels from ultra soft plush to ultra firm.

Foam Encased

Foam Encased mattresses provide superior edge support around the mattress, allowing for more stretch space and edge-to-edge sleeping area. The advanced foam encasement strengthens the mattress while providing corner to corner support and comfort.  Our units provide 360 degrees of innerspring encasement with 3.5″ of side foam casing.

Latex Foam

Latex Foam is elastic, long lasting foam that is extremely breathable and resilient.  The hypo-allergenic properties breathe better keeping you cooler in the summer, while keeping you warm in the winter.  Bacteria, mildew, and mold cannot live in latex foam.


SofTech Coils

Soft Tech Motion-Activated Support System is the latest revolutionary enhanced coil technology.  The system supports your body by instantly adjusting to your sleep movements and the natural contour of your body with minimum motion transfer. These fabric encased coils are proven to dramatically reduce partner disturbance caused by tossing and turning. In addition the mattress stays airy, fresh, and never needs turning. 

Wrapped Pocket Coils

Individually wrapped Pocket Coils are an advanced innerspring support system supporting your body where you need it the most. Each individually wrapped pocket coil works independently to also absorb motion, preventing partner motion disturbance. 

LFK Springs

LFK Springs are cylindrical open-ended springs that are bound at both ends by spiral wire. The LFK Spring Structure enhances body support, where each coil is resilient and works together to create an overall and effective response to what ever load. This structure is partially flexible and very durable.

Bonnel Springs

Bonnel Springs are cylindrical hour glass shaped springs that work together to be extremely resistant to increased loads, creating long lasting support and firm comfort.

Edge Support System

Edge Support System: U-Guard is specially designed by Leggett and Platt, these polyurethane foam pillar system provides effective edge support. Z-Guard: Manufactured with high tensile wire steel, this design minimizes edge compression


Luxurious Quilts

Luxurious Quilts are designer multi-needle quilts made from luxurious fabrics. These high-end fabrics are soft on the body, made with fibers that create cushion on the surface level of the mattress.

Cotton Upholstery

Cotton Upholstery Pad offers extra comfort padding utilizing 100% compressed recycled cotton fibers for durability and temperature adjustment.

Multi Needle Quilting

Multi Needle Quilting are comfort layers consisting of different stretch knits, damasks, non woven fabrics, fire barriers or foams, with various designs.